ULTUMUS – Specialist ETF Data vendor enters market

ULTUMUS is a data vendor backed by the ETF industry as a central point of access for all European ETF, ETC and ETN data.

ULTUMUS accurately represents ETF instruments at each hierarchical level (provider, umbrella, fund, subfund, share class and multiple listings) with standard industry identifiers and the application of legal entity identifiers (LEIs) to clearly link each hierarchical level within the fund structure, all delivered via a proven, robust and well-established platform.

ULTUMUS works from first principles extracting ETF reference data directly from the provider prospectuses and supporting legal documentation. ULTUMUS engage closely with the source publishers to drive the standardisation of ETF naming conventions and build the most accurate and fully comprehensive overview of the global ETF market available today, alongside all required ETF composition data, including flows and AUM metrics.

Services include:

ULTUMUS GREEN BOOK – a complete snapshot of all global ETFs, ETNs and ETCs reference data, further details: ETF Green Book

ULTUMS Global ETF Market Monitor – a notification service for new global ETF launches and listings, further details: ETF Monitor

ULTUMUS ETF EDGE – a robust and accurate source of ‘near real time’ daily global ETF composition data (creation, redemption, tracking and excluded asset baskets) available via an API: ETF Edge

“Trading houses, asset managers and ETF players across the market have been looking for a more straightforward way to monitor and manage global ETF data, ULTUMUS have responded by introducing a suite of ETF aggregation services targeted at this under-served area, set-up and managed by an industry leading team,” said Bernie Thurston, ULTUMUS CEO