Thomson Reuters Extends Eikon Messenger to REDI Buy-Side Community

Thomson Reuters is extending its instant messenger capabilities to the buy-side professionals who use its recently-acquired REDI execution management system, in a move designed to break down barriers to communication in financial markets.

The integration of Eikon Messenger with the Thomson Reuters REDI system will provide improved pre-trade workflow for REDI clients through a single platform that aides compliance and enables them to communicate seamlessly with over 300,000 financial markets professionals.

“Messaging and collaboration systems are often siloed which means financial markets professionals are usually limited to making contacts within their chosen messaging network or forced to manage the complexity of multiple messaging systems,” said Lesli Fairchild, head of collaboration services, Thomson Reuters. “The ability to connect with peers in financial markets across different communities quickly and in a way that aides compliance is hugely powerful. This integration highlights again our strategic commitment to connecting buy and sell side professionals and breaking down barriers to communication.”

Thomson Reuters completed its acquisition of REDI Holdings LLC in January 2017. Thomson Reuters REDI is an integrated workflow solution that brings advanced, broker-neutral execution management to the buy-side.  It offers multi-broker cross-asset order routing functionality, powerful workflow and compliance tools, and rich analytics via desktop application, cloud, mobile or API.

“Instant messaging is a key part of a buy-side trader’s pre-trade workflow,” said Michael Chin, managing director and co-head of Trading, Thomson Reuters. “Hot on the heels of our acquisition of REDI in January 2017 it makes perfect sense for us to bring the power of Eikon Messenger to the Thomson Reuters REDI community as a first step in the wider integration program. The integration of Eikon Messenger with Thomson Reuters REDI further builds on our commitment to bring together innovative technology to create a world-class trading and workflow solution.”