Soto-Richards Rules for Achieving ATR

ATR, or automatic trade reconstruction, accurately maps the entire trade journey by matching all trade data to its corresponding communications. ATR is unique to Fonetic which means Fonetic’s senior management is well positioned to explain the rules of what to look for in a true ATR solution:

  1. Match all communications to all trade data, all of the time
    1. It’s not ATR if it doesn’t capture EVERYTHING – ATR must provide a holistic view of all trade related data generated by front office trading floors as well as from the middle and back office functions.
    2. It must automatically and comprehensively collect, identify and collate this trading data and correctly match it to all of its related communications as an entire sequence of events along a timeline, fast.
    3. True ATR can be performed in 15 minutes.
  2. Voice surveillance is key
    1. Voice is crucial because most deals are closed over the phone and most fraud is done by phone, but banks and trading firms are essentially blind when it comes to surveillance of voice unless they have ATR.
    2. The cost of manually screening calls is high and, as it is often done by unskilled, outsourced employees, an equally high number of false positives are thrown up.
    3. For ATR technology to be worth its salt, it must be able to analyse the context of the voice content so that it is possible to establish accurate meanings right from the start of the data gathering process. This takes more than an understanding of trading specific language and slang.
    4. What is needed is a solution that goes beyond who’s talking to whom and how often. A relational and behavioural picture must be built up over time to enable the analysis of all the types of communications, as well as the people involved. Only then will context anomalies show up.
  3. Multiple languages with real-time linguistic updates
    1. ATR must be able to understand what is really happening on trading floors in all languages to a very high level of accuracy.
    2. ATR by Fonetic is capable of recognising speech patterns in up to 84 languages and takes accents and dialects into account.
    3. ATR should automatically update with new code words and slang as standard.
  4. Continuous updates of market rules
    1. Just as markets change, regulations do too – and things are moving fast. ATR must be able to adapt to new rules at the point of announcement so that financial firms can plan, prepare, manoeuvre and adapt in order to stay live in the market.
  5. One neat simple to use package
    1. ATR should have an easy to use interface that integrates easily into existing systems. A one vendor solution is best for set up, service and ongoing support.