SAI Global Expands Middle East Presence with Dubai Office

SAI Global, a provider of integrated risk management solutions, has announced the opening of an office in Dubai to help organisations throughout the Middle East enhance their risk management programs. The new office addresses increasing demand and growth the company has experienced since it first entered the region in 2015.

SAI Global will build upon a solid customer base established across the region’s banking, energy and oil sectors, including Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). These businesses rely on the company’s integrated risk software and learning solutions to mitigate risk through practices that bring transparency, consistency, and accountability.

“The market for risk management solutions and compliance training is rapidly growing throughout the Middle East,” said Peter Granat, CEO of SAI Global. “There’s strong demand among companies in the region for our leading environmental health and safety (EHS) and IT risk software solutions. These companies are ambitious in their goals to be among the best managed companies in the world and our enhanced presence here better enables our commitment to these customers.”

According to a representative of Agility, a logistics leader in Kuwait “To protect our hard-earned brand reputation and build public trust, it’s essential for us to cultivate an ethical culture across our organization. SAI Global has really helped us to create awareness, increase transparency and reduce risk. This has enabled us to align our employee conduct with our company values, as well as establish an effective, defensible compliance program with measurable results.”