RegTek Solutions partners with Optimity Advisors

RegTek.Solutions, has  announced a partnership with Optimity Advisors, a global consulting firm, to bring data visualization and exception-based analytics to the regulatory reporting space. Pairing RegTek.Solutions’ actionable regulatory intelligence and proven compliance technology with a dynamic user experience developed by Optimity, clients can benefit from unprecedented levels of transparency and regulatory oversight.


“All our clients want the same thing: cost-effective compliance, delivered with confidence,” said Brian Lynch, CEO and Co-Founder of RegTek.Solutions. “We are committed to supporting our clients on their journey to sustainable compliance, and believe that the way to achieve this is through a collaborative, best-of-breed approach. Working with trusted partners like Optimity, we’re able to amplify the value of our investment and give our clients another way to leverage their critical compliance data.”


With more than half of the G16 Global Dealers validating their trade and transaction reporting data with RegTek.Solutions’ Validate.Trade, the opportunity for value added analytics, metricsand management information systems is vast. Validate.Trade generates rich data quality assurance data on trade and transaction submissions to trade repositories (TRs), swap data repositories (SDRs) and approved reporting mechanisms (ARMs). Having all this high-quality data centralized and available offers tremendous opportunities for analyzing and slicing & dicing the data for better insights into day-to-day operations, levels of control and compliance as well as historical compliance performance trends.


“Many of our clients have implemented enterprise IT infrastructure to deal with derivatives regulatory reforms and produce reports. However, there is a constant challenge to easily and proactively monitor the quality of regulatory data submissions, as well as produce meaningful insights with data,” said Vipul Parekh, lead practitioner for Financial Services Data Strategy with Optimity Advisors. “This partnership with RegTek.Solutions will create simple and intuitive visualizations for clients to improve the quality of their reporting data.”