Panopticon 16.5 Delivers New Nanosecond-level Analytics Optimized for Electronic Trading Firms

Datawatch Corporation has announced the general availability of Panopticon 16.5. The latest version of the Panopticon real-time visual analytics platform represents a major advance in capabilities designed to help capital markets firms operate more efficiently and profitably.

Many of the world’s largest investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers and mid-tier firms rely on Panopticon to monitor equity, fixed income and foreign exchange trading activity as well as visually backtest trading algorithms. The platform also enables users to identify anomalies during the trading day to take immediate action – eliminating reliance on end-of-day reports.

Peter Simpson, vice president of visualization strategy at Datawatch, stated: “We’ve worked closely with our customers over the past year to develop and refine several new analytics techniques. In particular, we’re now better than anyone else in the market at integrating real-time streams, and time series of orders and executions – down to the nanosecond level – on the screen to identify and then investigate trading anomalies. We’ve also improved our connectivity to a wider variety of data sources, including Apache Kafka, which many of our clients are deploying as a critical component of their trading performance infrastructures.”

New capabilities in Panopticon 16.5 include:

  • The ability to connect to Elastic, InfluxDB, Spark and RabbitMQ data sources.
  • Faster and more robust connectivity for Apache Kafka, MongoDB, TREP-RT, Kx kdb+, Kx kdb+ Tick, SAP ESP, Web Sockets, JSON, Apache Cassandra, RESTful Calls, XMLA and MDX.
  • New visualizations, including Waterfall, Funnel, Donut Gauge and Time Surface, plus enhancements to Panopticon’s complete visualization library, which facilitates faster analysis of trading data.
  • Performance improvements, which results in reduced bandwidth consumption for web-based users, a more responsive web client and improved PDF reporting.

Simpson continued: “There are many use cases for Panopticon, but a few recent examples that demonstrate the ROI that can be achieved include a global bank that expanded its utilization of Panopticon to improve MiFID II Best Execution compliance by incorporating trading analytics and surveillance of its FX, fixed income, equities and derivatives trading operations; a major multi-asset class exchange now using Panopticon to support regulatory reporting and analytics; and one of the top five asset managers who is backtesting portfolio allocation algorithms using Panopticon.”