Olivier Streichenberger appointed as Listed Securities Manager at Truffle Capital

Truffle Capital, a European venture capital firm and one of the top French FCPI (retail funds) managers, have appointmented Olivier Streichenberger, 52, as its Listed Securities Manager. As a member of the company’s investment committee, next to Truffle Capital’s founding partners, Olivier Streichenberger will monitor listed companies in the portfolio and examine new investments in listed companies.

Prior to joining Truffle Capital in March 2015, Olivier Streichenberger worked as Head of Corporate Finance Sales and Syndication for the French branch of the Dexia Group (2007-2014), where, for 14 years, he held high-level responsibilities in the financial markets and fund management sectors. After working as Global Macro Fund Manager, M. Streichenberger created the Corporate Finance Sales Team for the Dexia Group in France, which was the leading Small & Mid Cap E.C.M. team in France from 2010 to 2013. With over 25 years of experience in the financial markets, Olivier managed portfolios of equities and derivatives in Europe and Asia for the CM-CIC Group before joining the Dexia Group where he handled successful IPOs for groups such as EDF Energie Nouvelle and health companies in the likes of Adocia and Nanobiotix, as well as Truffle Capital companies such as Carmat, Deinove, Theradiag or Vexim.

Olivier Streichenberger graduated with a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University Paris X, and has an MBA from California State University Fullerton.