NYSE Extends Lead in U.S. ETF Listings

In 2016, NYSE Arca, NYSE Group’s marketplace for exchange traded funds1 (ETFs), reaffirmed its position as the leading ETF listings exchange for the ninth consecutive year with greater than 92 percent of total ETF assets under management (AUM). NYSE Arca also maintained its position as the deepest pool of liquidity for the trading of ETF securities with nearly 2.5 times the trading of the next closest venue. 35 of the top 50 (70%) new ETF listings, by assets under management, listed on NYSE Arca in 2016.

In 2016, the total U.S. ETF market grew by over $417 billion in AUM, or nearly 20 percent compared with 2015, and ETP volume accounts for nearly 30 percent of all dollar volume trading in U.S. stocks. Approximately 250 new ETFs were listed during 2016, with 113 listing on NYSE Arca.

Douglas Yones, NYSE’s Head of Exchange Traded Products said, “For the ninth consecutive year, NYSE Arca has mirrored the strong growth trajectory of the U.S. ETF market, and in doing so, has rounded out another year as the premier ETF listing exchange. We worked closely with a range of issuers to bring 113 new listings to market, and deep liquidity drove our continued leadership in share of ETF trading. In 2016, we expanded our team and enhanced our service to issuers. From product development and launch to data, ongoing marketing and distribution, we are fully aligned with supporting the success of our clients.”

2016 NYSE Arca ETF highlights:

  • 1,510 ETFs are listed on NYSE Arca, with nearly $2.4 trillion in AUM which increased by 14 percent in the second half of 2016.
  • At 22.6 percent market share, NYSE Arca retained the highest average daily trading volume of any U.S. listings exchange, and nearly 2.5 times the trading of the nearest exchange.
  • NYSE Arca had 77 percent share of ETF listings and 92 percent of total AUM.
  • NYSE Arca listed 113 new ETFs, adding nearly $3.7 billion in AUM, representing 45 percent of new ETF listings and nearly 60 percent of AUM.
  • NYSE Arca won approximately 70 percent of the largest 50 new listings by AUM.
  • NYSE Arca welcomed two new Lead Market Makers (LMMs) – Societe Generale and RBC Capital Markets.

“A key part of our offering is market quality and trading liquidity, and to that end, we were pleased to welcome new LMMs to NYSE Arca in 2016. With more than two times the volume of the next largest listing exchange, investors and trading firms choose NYSE Arca for the deepest pools of liquidity in the ETF markets,” Yones said.

Tom Farley, NYSE Group President said, “We are proud to support the growth of the ETF market again in 2016, which brings cost-efficient, liquid products for retail and institutional investors alike. We are highly engaged with issuers throughout their product lifecycle to bring successful products to market in a competitive industry, as well as evolving the market structure to support ongoing growth. And our results demonstrate that our issuer-focused value proposition across product development, trading and visibility is delivering these strong results.”

1 ETFs include all exchange traded products (ETPS)