LXDX to Launch Ultra High-Performance Cryptocurrency Exchange

LXDX  is launching a public digital currency exchange that brings the institutional tools of high finance to all investors. The company is led by CEO Joshua Greenwald, former SpaceX automation and propulsion engineer and founder of high-frequency trading firm Greenlight Trading.

LXDX offer an ultra-low latency solution for cryptocurrency traders that allows users to post tighter bid-ask spreads, thereby facilitating better-priced trades for the entire market. Their proprietary software is built upon custom hardware and achieves levels of performance noticeably absent from cryptocurrency markets. Live market surveillance, multi-level information security, and regional compliance cater to the needs of both institutions and retail users alike.

“Lack of access to liquidity plagues existing cryptocurrency exchanges,” says Will Roman, LXDX Chief Operating Officer. “Substandard order matching times, inadequate security protocols, and market fragmentation drive institutions away from exchanges and to over-the-counter venues.” LXDX solves these issues by providing:

  • High-frequency trading capabilities: dedicated colocation, proprietary hardware, full order lifecycle latencies sub 50 microseconds
  • Institutional requirements: multi-layer secure cold storage, industry standard market surveillance, full KYC and AML policies, compliant dark pool trading
  • Smart routing: algorithmic liquidity provision across the LXDX network of dark pools as well as other top cryptocurrency exchanges

“The mission of LXDX is to make capital markets better,” says Joshua Greenwald, CEO of LXDX, former SpaceX engineer and Greenlight Trading founder. “Our immediate focus is on cryptocurrency and enabling every investor to utilize the exclusive tools, like smart order routing, that only institutions previously could access. When we built top tier infrastructure for traditional markets, our team solved many of the same problems facing cryptocurrency exchanges today. We are excited to bring a higher caliber of technology to cryptocurrency investors everywhere.”

LXDX is working with a marquee group of organizations including San Francisco crypto hedge fund Autonomous Partners, Aon in London, and global law firm DLA Piper.