July turnover at Boerse Stuttgart in region of EUR 6 billion

Based on the order book statistics, turnover at Boerse Stuttgart in July 2017 was around EUR 6 billion.

The lion’s share of this total, around EUR 2.5 billion, was generated by securitised derivatives – approximately EUR 1.2 billion from leverage products and around EUR 1.3 billion (up 5 percent on July 2016) from investment products.

Trading in equities contributed almost EUR 1.3 billion to the total monthly order-book figure, with German and international equities accounting respectively for around EUR 960 million and EUR 338 million.

Trading in debt instruments (bonds) stood at roughly EUR 1.3 billion, slightly up on the figure for July 2016, with around EUR 937 million attributable to corporate bonds.

According to the order book, the July turnover figure for exchange-traded products was over EUR 859 million, while investment fund units generated approximately EUR 113 million. This represents an increase of nearly 31 percent compared with July 2016.

Note on the monthly statistics:

Boerse Stuttgart’s monthly statistics are reported on the basis of the order book turnover. The turnovers of all the securities traded on each trading day are documented clearly and verifiably. The recording of securities transactions by order book is practised by all intermediary-based German exchanges and serves as a basis for comparing trading turnovers. For the securitised derivatives asset class Boerse Stuttgart also calculates the trading turnover according to the volume of customer orders executed and forwards these to the German Derivatives Association (Deutscher Derivate Verband, DDV). This ensures that comparisons between the different exchanges can also be made with regard to securitised derivatives.