Irish Stock Exchange launches new T7 trading technology

The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) has gone live with Deutsche Börse’s new T7
trading platform for the Irish equity market. This new platform further
enhances the performance and capacity of the ISE’s equity market offering.
T7 delivers synergies, which make it even easier and reduces cost for
international trading firms to connect and trade equities on the ISE, due
to lower development and maintenance costs for firms, which are active on T7
across multiple markets. The new system also reduces latency even further
for all trading members.

Brian Healy, Director, Traded Markets, Development, Operations at the ISE,
said: “The ISE is delighted to announce our successful migration to the
state-of-the-art and proven T7 trading technology. This represents another
milestone in our strategic partnership with Deutsche Börse, one of the
leading exchange infrastructure providers globally. The new technology provides
enhanced value to Irish market participants, enables us to further develop
trading capabilities and capacity for our members in the years ahead, and
positions us well in a time of significant change for exchanges across
Europe and in advance of MiFID II implementation.”

Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services,
added: “The decision to migrate to our T7 trading technology is another
re-confirmation for the quality and reliability of our IT services and
technology solutions. The Irish Stock Exchange will continue to benefit
from our continuously improved cash market technology and a broad international
network of market participants.”

This technology went live for Xetra trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
on 3 July and is already in use at the Eurex Exchange and the European Energy
Exchange. Several other stock exchanges in Europe and globally use Deutsche
Börse’s trading infrastructure.