Havelock London partners with Link Asset Services to launch quantamental Global Select Fund

New market entrant Havelock London has launched the Global Select Fund, bringing together the best of data science and traditional investment management.

Sitting at the core of Havelock London’s investment discipline is their approach to ‘AI’, defined as ‘augmented intelligence’, using technology to build rigour and efficiency into the investment system, whilst allowing human judgement to be focused on the high-impact tasks that are least suited to full automation.

Havelock London will utilise their proprietary quantamental investment system to identify long-term value opportunities and select a small number of well-understood investments. Using this approach, which starts with bottom-up investment selection rather than top-down asset allocation, LF Havelock Global Select will invest in 25 to 50 stocks.

Link Asset Services will operate as the Authorised Fund Manager (AFM) for the fund. Link’s appointment as AFM follows a series of new wins for Link’s fund solutions team and further cements its position as the UK’s leading independent AFM.

Matthew Beddall, CEO and founder of Havelock London added: “Data and technology are transforming all aspects of our lives, and our expertise place us at the forefront of how this impacts investment management. We have started to deploy the founders’ capital within the fund, and are looking forward to welcoming external co-investors alongside ourselves. Given our modern approach, combined with our beliefs on fair and transparent pricing, we believe this fund will be appealing and deliver value to investors.”

Peter Hugh-Smith, Managing Director, fund solutions at Link Asset Services, said: “Our partnership with Havelock London launching the LF Havelock Global Select Fund recognises our market leading expertise in supporting innovative fund market entrants and we look forward to supporting the Havelock London team in achieving their goals.”