GreenKey “Voice-Enables” Wall Street Via OpenFin;

GreenKey Technologies, creator of patented voice software with integrated speech recognition designed for the financial markets, has announced that the firm will release its voice API through OpenFin’s plugin architecture. OpenFin is the secure desktop operating system used by 45 of the world’s largest banks, buy-side and trading platforms. The move brings the voice software to potentially thousands of new users at hundreds of firms and creates the first industry standard for adding voice to a firm’s applications.

Built specifically for the high-performance needs of the capital markets, OpenFin modernizes
financial desktops, allowing seamless deployment, interaction and cross-functionality between
apps to enhance workflows and increase efficiency. The OpenFin roster of applications includes
hundreds of apps that are now able to leverage GreenKey’s capabilities to “voice-enable” their
respective user communities as well as interoperate horizontally across OpenFin’s community
by simply enabling the GreenKey API plugin, which will be available by default to all OpenFin

In December, GreenKey announced the open sourcing of its voice software development kit
(SDK) which includes JavaScript widgets such as microphones, dialers, activity lists, contact
lists and intercom buttons. This package enables banks and other financial market firms to
easily add front-end voice functionality to their own web applications. The addition of the
OpenFin plugin architecture provides firms with the tools necessary to create the next
generation of interoperable front-office workflows. This includes the ability to integrate call meta
data with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

GreenKey has successfully “voice-enabled” financial market applications such as trade
reporting platforms and is working with many other firms to add voice into chat and data

GreenKey CEO Nader Shwayhat said: “We’re thrilled to work with OpenFin to create and make
widely available the first industry standard for adding voice to a financial firm’s offering. It’s
exciting to voice-enable decades-old processes that were inefficiently driven by keyboard and
mouse clicks. Our AI-backed platform helps eliminate dial tones and manual re-entry by
embedding our cutting-edge, real-time speech recognition directly into a firm’s desktop
applications. It is a remarkable time to be in voice software and to see such tremendous
customer demand for the digitization of voice-based workflows.”

Mazy Dar, CEO of OpenFin, said: “GreenKey is a valuable addition to our plugin architecture
community. The consumer world is rife with voice-activated assistants like Alexa, Siri and
Google Voice. Working with GreenKey supports our mission to bring a rich user experience to
the financial markets. A contribution that fosters an open ecosystem around voice, which is a
key component of Wall Street workflows, demonstrates once more how open collaboration and
interoperability is a great strategy to deliver innovative and successful fintech platforms.”