Getting to T+0 How can companies drive further efficiencies in post trade processes?

A White Paper by Xceptor

Over the last couple of years, most trading organisations have made significant changes to their post-trade processes to ensure that they comply with Dodd-Frank and EMIR regulations.

Businesses that are seeking to make further efficiency gains are finding that they are having to dig deeper for even small improvements.

To make a significant impact, banks will have to expand their horizons beyond their existing post-trade processes, and seek to leverage efficiency savings from the front office.

In this paper, we look at the current issues facing banks in the back and front office; and how these challenges can be met by looking at the trade lifecycle as a single transactional journey, rather than as a series of independent processes.

In doing so, we believe that banks can continuously push down the process cycle time to get close to T+0 or T+1 levels, in even the most complex asset classes.

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