Exchange Data International Launches Canadian Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing Service

Exchange Data International (EDI) has  launched its Canadian Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing service.

EDI currently prices over 30 000 CAD fixed income securities on a daily basis and has already started to deliver Canadian fixed income evaluated prices to some of Canada’s top investment firms.With the addition of the Canadian Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing service the company expands its current offering by including the following fixed income asset classes:

  • CAD Government Bills and Bonds
  • CAD Government Agencies Bonds
  • Provincial Government Bills and Bonds
  • CAD Municipal Bonds
  • CAD Corporate Bonds (fixed coupons)

“This breadth of coverage, in addition to its flexibility and client first approach, means that EDI’s Canadian Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing service can support a variety of applications within the industry.” adds Jonathan Bloch, CEO of Exchange Data International

Prices are available daily, through an FTP site, while new issues are added weekly. Clients can request different market snapshot times and delivery times as well as a wide range of analytics.

Daily coverage of fixed income securities will continue to expand in the coming months to include:

  • CAD Floating Rate Corporate Bonds*
  • CAD Step up/Step down/Fixed-Floater corporate bonds*
  • CAD Mortgage Backed Securities

*These types of securities are already available on demand, for specific client portfolios.