Eurex Clearing plans PME launch

Eurex Clearing Prisma Margin Estimator (Eurex Clearing PME) launches on November 16. It says this will further enhance the risk management offering for its members as it helps them and their clients to assess Eurex Clearing Prisma initial margins for their current and hypothetical portfolios.

Eurex Clearing PME will support the calculation of margin requirements for exchange-traded derivatives, OTC derivatives, cross-margined portfolios and pre-trade analyses as well as identify potential trades that lead to significant margin changes.

An additional free service, it was developed working closely with OpenGamma, a specialist in market structure risk management solutions.

“We have worked closely with Eurex Clearing to ensure that the Eurex Clearing PME supports their state-of-the-art margin methodologies and the needs of their clients,” said Mas Nakachi, CEO of OpenGamma. “The Eurex Clearing PME is the latest example of our close work with the derivatives industry to deliver much needed and enhanced margin analysis capabilities.”

“OpenGamma’s excellent platform provides both the transparency and flexibility for an easy-to-integrate service for fast margin analysis, explained Thomas Laux, chief risk officer of Eurex Clearing. The OpenGamma Eurex Clearing Module will help our clients to see the savings of our advanced margin methodology and thus the benefits of chosing Eurex Clearing.”

While the current Prisma Online Margin Calculator is running on the Eurex Clearing production and simulation environments, the Eurex Clearing PME is an on-premise solution. Thus, all portfolio information of current or to-be-executed trades remain within a clearing member’s or client’s own infrastructure.