Eurekahedge fund data now available through IRHalo

Data from hedge funds information portal Eurekahedge is now be available to Eurekahedge subscribers via the IRHalo investor relations platform (

Clients of IRHalo and Eurekahedge are now be able to use Eurekahedge funds data as part of the analytics and reporting they provide to end investors.

“Subscribers to Eurekahedge data are now able to draw directly on that data and its associated benchmarks when providing analytics and reports via IRHalo,” said Stuart Fieldhouse, Communications Director with IRHalo, which is part of communications and technology specialist Trimaldi. “It can be very important for fund managers to be able to illustrate to investors how they compare against the wider hedge funds universe and closer competitors. IRHalo allows them to do this with a high degree of automation, and in a way their investors will appreciate.”

IRHalo is configured to support the investor relations needs of small to mid-sized funds that do not have a full-time investor relations role within their teams. Its template incorporates many recognised best practices in hedge funds investor relations, allowing start up and early stage funds to deploy IR reporting that is as good as that used by firms many degrees larger.

Eurekahedge is an established provider of research and data to the global hedge funds industry. It was established in 2001 and continues to serve a broad range of clients, including family offices, pension funds, private banks, wealth managers and industry service providers.

Alex Mearns, CEO of Eurekahedge, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with IRHalo on this successful integration project and believe that the sophistication of the IRHalo platform coupled with the quality, quantity and timely delivery of Eurekahedge’s data will be a compelling combination for investors and fund managers wishing to access superior hedge and alternative fund data for benchmarking, peer group comparisons and analysis.”

Eurekahedge data is available immediately to licensees of IRHalo who are already Eurekahedge subscribers. In addition, existing users of IRHalo will be able to subscribe to Eurekahedge if they would like to use its data to support their own reporting activities.