Dubai Financial Market now accessible by Smartphone

Investors’ connection with Dubai Financial
Market (DFM) trading activity and services has been made easier than ever
with DFM’s new smart services application, which effectively provides
investors with a comprehensive one-stop- shop by placing various market
services in the palm of their hands. The new app has been launched in line
with DFM’s “Smart Borse” strategy that has delivered numerous smart and
innovative services for various market participants including investors,
brokerage firms and issuers.

The app enables investors to track their investments, access their cash
dividends statements, IPOs subscription and smart voting during annual
meetings as well as easily connecting with DFM Customer Service.
DFM’s applications further strengthen its  position at the forefront of
regional exchanges providing smart services through various innovative
channels to better serve the requirements of market participants.

His Excellency Essa Kazim, Chairman of DFM, said, “Since it was
inaugurated in the year 2000, DFM has always been devoted to providing
market participants’ with smart and innovative solutions. Our Smart Borse
strategy is inspired by the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al
Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai that
emphasizes providing the highest quality of service to our clients anytime
and anywhere. This strategy further enhances DFM’s position as the
leading regional exchange in relation to development and innovation.”

Maryam Fikri, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Clearing,
Settlement and Depository Division of DFM, said, “DFM is constantly
updating its electronic investor services, adding new features and
employing new technologies as part of our commitment to provide our
gigantic investor base, which exceeds 840,000 investors, with the most
advanced services. The fourth version of the app enables investors to
seamlessly connect with the market and benefit from new features that
unlock market opportunities for them through instantly tracking their
investments and dividends as well as participation in IPOs and annual
meetings through their handheld devices. Since it was first launched in
2015, investors have been increasingly appreciating the effective role of
the app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, in enhancing
their communication experience with DFM.”

DFM implements a widespread campaign to connect with investors through
SMSs, email, and the DFM website as well as the media in order to
educate them on the new features and encourage larger numbers of
investors to employ its smart services. Currently, more than 80,000 DFM
investors are are able to access the Mobile Application, with UAE-based
users at the forefront followed by users in the United States and Canada,
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan.

Key features of the new app:
The DFM Smart Services application is a fast track way that offers
investors the opportunity to access their statements anywhere, anytime. It
also enables investors to take part in the IPOs and Rights Issues
implemented on the market. The following points summarize key features
of the app:

 Access Real-Time Data on DFM Market Watch
 Smart view of investor account, dividends and iVESTOR statements
 Smart subscription to IPOs and Rights Issues
 Smart voting at AGMs
 Broker eServices
 Direct call feature to DFM Customer Service
 Smart ticket token issuance to see a DFM representative
 Access to DFM educational guides