DSB produces final consultation paper on user fees

The Derivatives Service Bureau has released the second and final consultation paper regarding user fees and contracts for 2019. Industry feedback is sought on open topics including potential changes to user support services, service level agreements and resiliency, after some proposals in the first consultation were discarded due to industry feedback.

This second consultation opened the 28th June 2018, and will close at 5pm UTC on 27th July 2018, with a final consultation report to be published on 20th August 2018. A 90-minute webinar discussing the topics of this consultation will be held on Tuesday, 3rd July 2018 at 1pm.

The first consultation sought industry views on a broad range of topics arising from user feedback during the prior 12-month period, with this second consultation intended to summarize industry responses and set out further details, including next steps where additional feedback is sought.

“In the responses to the first consultation, some of the contrasting interests and needs of various user groups became apparent. In this second consultation, we are investigating these interests more deeply to determine the best path forward for the DSB and its users,” said Emma Kalliomaki, managing director of the DSB, adding that the newly formed Technology Advisory Committee would also provide guidance in matters related to infrastructure, connectivity and disaster recovery.

Key areas of investigation are the following:

  • Revision of the user categories and fee model
  • Changes to DSB functionality, including the provision of more market timeline adaptive template models and the setup of user forums to allow for collaborative discussions with industry
  • Service levels, including time of operation, technical support, streaming thresholds and weekly caps
  • Access and user agreement, including potential change to the terms of any differentiated agreement for intermediaries

The second consultation document includes a response form to be emailed to industry_consultation@anna-dsb.com. Any consultation-related queries should be emailed to the same address.