Credit Suisse and Carmignac launch Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Fund

Credit Suisse and Carmignac have joined forces to launch an emerging markets multi-asset fund. The co-managed fund provides investors with well-diversified exposure to emerging markets.

Emerging markets have been a key market driver since last year. According to Credit Suisse experts, these markets offer further potential in 2018 and beyond. The structural picture of emerging markets remains positive: they are home to more than 80% of the global population, with mostly favorable demographics, and account for around 60% of global economic growth. In addition to a general appetite for riskier assets by investors, emerging markets benefited from improving fundamentals. Going forward,
Credit Suisse expects this trend to continue and in turn offer a broad range of investment opportunities.

Despite the significant potential of emerging markets, many investors struggle to find a suitable investment approach to access these markets. Emerging markets are highly diverse, spanning four continents and numerous currencies. Emerging markets carry a very interesting premium across asset classes but so far, it has been difficult for investors to collect these premiums in a risk controlled way.

Given these constraints, one particularly attractive way to invest in emerging markets is to combine investments in debt and equity markets, creating a dynamic multi-asset class investment that harvests the most attractive opportunities. Against this backdrop, Credit Suisse and Carmignac have launched the Credit Suisse Carmignac Emerging Markets Multi Asset Fund, an actively managed fund, which draws upon the Credit Suisse House View for both the strategic and tactical asset allocation. In addition, it
benefits from Carmignac’s extensive expertise in high conviction security selection, hedging, and currency management. The fund offers both private and institutional investors potential to diversify their portfolios.

Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer at Credit Suisse, said: “Emerging Market Winners is one of Credit Suisse’s five investment themes for 2018. We view emerging markets as a key part of a professional strategic asset allocation, best approached via actively managed solutions. For this reason we are delighted to partner with Carmignac, a pioneer investor in emerging markets with a differentiating risk-
management focus, to manage this emerging markets multi-asset class fund.”

Maxime Carmignac, Member of the Board of Directors at Carmignac, added: “As an independent and family owned business, we are excited to take our strong relationship with Credit Suisse to the next level with this key investment case in emerging markets. Since our inception 30 years ago, we have invested in emerging markets based on convictions and risk management through the years. We are pleased to bring
our expertise to this innovative solution.”