CQG to provide connectivity to CRYEX crypto currency trading platform

CRYEX is partnering with CQG, the high-performance trade routing to offer connectivity to its members and participants from launch.


CRYEX will provide a trusted gateway between the traditional regulated financial industry and digital currencies. The new trading and clearing platform will enable regulated market participants to trade both FX and digital currencies through a single point of entry, providing a wide range of highly demanded products.


“CQG offers CRYEX members and other market participants a tier one order-routing, risk management and data analysis system,” said Scott Millar, Founder of CRYEX. “The CQG partnership is a key component of the CRYEX mission to offer broad access to exciting new tradable assets to market partcipants.”


The connection capitalizes on CQG’s strengths in market data access and low-latency trade routing. CQG offers direct access to CRYEX through all of its platforms, including CQG M, a scalable and versatile mobile application that offers global market data and innovative trading interfaces for electronic trading and order management. Built using HTML5, protobuf, and websocket technologies, CQG M has been designed to deliver the best cross-platform and device performance whilst providing all the functionality traders require.


Rod Giffen, President of CQG commented, “Expanding CQG connectivity into the crypto currency world is an exciting addition to our global market coverage. We are pleased to bring the CRYEX offering to our clients.” He added, “This partnership will provide thousands of new CRYEX customers with market access via our new HTML5 product, which can deliver quotes, trading and order management on phones, tablets, PCs and Macs ‘on the go’.”