Colt Technology Services launches US operations

Colt Technology Services (“Colt”) has announced the launch of its US network, connecting multinational enterprises and financial firms to Europe and Asia, with a software-driven network that fundamentally rethinks the model for intercontinental data services.

Colt, one of the world’s first ‘alt-nets,’ has just connected 13 major cities in North America, including New York, San Francisco and Chicago, to Colt’s dense Asian and European metro networks, which is made up of more than 870 data centres and 26,000 fibre-connected buildings. It also connects Colt’s financial customers to the key financial hubs around the world.

In Europe and Asia, Colt fully controls its Colt IQ Network, which means it can directly meet businesses requirements rather than be slowed by an excessively long service chain. By utilising the Colt IQ Network, multinational organisations are able to immediately boost bandwidth or quickly extend services to new locations, making Colt a key partner when it comes to fuelling international expansion for businesses.

Across the globe, businesses now expect a flexible, on-demand, consumer-like bandwidth approach to connectivity solutions. This is typically mismatched by aging service provider technology and processes, which limits how rapidly customers can respond to day-by-day market demands. This creates opportunities for alternative providers who are instead at the top of the technology curve, and can quickly support the in-the-moment decision making which organisations now have to make in the on-demand economy.

Colt’s IQ Network puts customers in control of their technology infrastructure, in real-time, across multiple continents. Its on-demand services are provisioned in minutes, not weeks or months, direct from a customer portal. Customers can choose for themselves when to turn bandwidth up or down, in contrast to conventional ‘call and complete’ fixed-price agreements and contracts that offer less agility, flexibility or value.

“Colt has been disrupting the market for more than 25 years, from our beginning as the only challenger to the local incumbents in the City of London to today, where we are a global network challenger that thinks and acts differently in a rapidly consolidating US market,” said Carl Grivner, Chief Executive Officer of Colt.

“We know from our experience that business agility and the need for real-time response to customers is vital for large enterprises and financial firms. Colt is able to deliver on both counts. We’re privately held, affiliated with Fidelity Investments, and have the freedom to act extremely rapidly in a market characterised by unique, on-demand requirements.”

Tim Murphy, Vice President of Service Management at Trading Technologies said: “Early this year we became a provider on Colt PrizmNet, offering the financial extranet as a connectivity option to customers in Asia, Europe and North America; and supporting further expansion into new markets. Colt has been instrumental in enabling enhancements to our global infrastructure. Its ambitious global growth strategy mirrors our own”.