BNY Mellon enhances its risk offering

BNY Mellon has expanded its BNY Mellon Risk ViewSM offering to make it easier for institutional investors to perform ex-ante (forward-looking) risk analysis. Through a new service approach that applies advanced factor models to a client’s portfolio returns, clients can now access key risk measures and analytics at a competitive cost. The new factor-based service extends Risk View’s existing capability, which uses security-level data in a full revaluation approach. The newest Risk View offering is particularly useful to institutional investor clients who do not have security-level information readily available, or who may not need ex-ante analysis based on more granular-level inputs.

“We’re pleased to offer a factor-based service at a time when clients are looking to have greater transparency into their overall portfolio risk, especially as many institutional investors increase their exposure to alternative investments,” said Frances Barney, CFA and Head of Global Risk Solutions at BNY Mellon. “Risk View enables institutional investors to make more informed investment decisions and have more in-depth conversations with investment managers, investment consultants and board members or other stakeholders.”

The new streamlined factor-based service enables clients to get cost-effective, easy-to-access online risk analysis regardless of their level of data input levels. With both approaches, clients who subscribe to BNY Mellon Risk View simply log into the cloud-based platform to see interactive visualizations of risk stress testing, volatility, risk contribution, correlation and more.

“Clients are asking for faster and more user-friendly information delivery around performance measurement, attribution, risk analysis and monitoring,” said Catherine Thrasher, BNY Mellon Managing Director of Global Risk Solutions in Canada, “The creation of a factor-based alternative for BNY Mellon Risk View is a response to evolving client needs.”