BMCE Bank International extends use of AxiomSL regulatory reporting platform

AxiomSL has announced that BMCE Bank International Plc (BBI Plc), a subsidiary of BMCE Bank of Africa Group, has chosen to implement AxiomSL’s SURFI reporting solution.

BBI Plc is already using AxiomSL’s  platform to report statistical requirements to the Bank of England’s (BoE) and a range of calculation requirements mandated by the Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD IV), including Common Reporting (COREP).

The platform also allows clients to integrate data across multiple business functions and from different geographical locations without forced data conversion. A single data input allows statistical reporting for multiple jurisdictions.

Clients are able to conduct full data mining to identify data sources from any point in the process. All manual adjustments are recorded and reversible, allowing for secure and reliable scenario testing.

“Expanding our use of AxiomSL to SURFI is in line with our IT strategy to enhance our solutions and work with the best providers,” said Mohammed Afrine, CEO of BBI Plc. “AxiomSL’s UK regulatory reporting solution implemented in 2016 has streamlined our reporting processes and greatly improved our efficiency.”

Edward Royan, EMEA CEO of AxiomSL, said: “We are delighted that BBI Plc has chosen AxiomSL’s SURFI solution. We have worked tirelessly to become a market leader in providing solutions that simplify the reporting process and maximise efficiency for our clients. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to meeting the very high standards we have for the services we provide.”