Avelacom expands  connectivity services to access Australia’s capital markets

Avelacom has launched a new point of presence (PoP) in the Australian
Security Exchange’s (ASX) Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC), Australia’s only data centre
dedicated to the financial markets community. The initiative is designed to meet the rising
needs of proprietary trading desks and brokerage firms to access Australian capital markets
over a single, low-latency network that also connects trading venues in Asia Pacific, Middle
East, Europe and North America.

Avelacom will serve as an official Network Service Provider (NSP) within the ALC and has
the capability to provide ALC members with integrated multi-market solutions, including
network connectivity, cloud and IT infrastructure managed services, irrespective of their
global location.

Aleksey Larichev, Managing Director of Avelacom said: “We are proud to partner with ASX,
one of the fastest growing trading environments in the world. With our new point of presence
in Sydney, we are bringing a combination of multipoint connections, new options of cable
routes and latency benefits that are paramount for cross-border arbitrage trading.
“While the most common trading geographies connecting into ASX are Chicago, Singapore,
London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York, increasing demand from Indian and some Middle
Eastern countries to access Australia’s financial markets led Avelacom to extend its
geographical reach via the new PoP in Australia.”

Avelacom’s best-in- market roundtrip latencies to/from Sydney:
Sydney, ALC <> London – 240.1 ms
Sydney, ALC <> Mumbai – 137.3 ms
Sydney, ALC <> Tel Aviv – 205.0 ms
Sydney, ALC <> Tokyo – 98.96 ms

David Raper, Executive General Manager, Trading Services at ASX said: “We are excited to
welcome Avelacom into the ALC as one of our most recent Network Service Providers. ASX
continues to build highly strategic relationships with innovative partners, like Avelacom, to
build a diverse ecosystem of products, services and partnerships.”

“The expanding ALC ecosystem is helping to reduce cost, complexity and risk, not only for
the Australian financial markets community, but increasingly for off-shore firms with an
interest in Australian markets. We look forward to working with Avelacom and their clients.”