ATC Brokers introduces MT4 Pro software

ATC Brokers has introduced today the MT4 Pro, a software specifically designed to improve the MT4 trading experience and allow users to customise trade settings.

According to ATC, the MT4 Pro software offers one of the most enhanced MT4 plugins within the industry. ATC’s proprietary MT4 Pro takes the traditional MT4 and combines it with a variety of new features with an intuitive interface that optimises the trading experience.

The Depth of Market window allows users to view Level 2 pricing and volume, obtained directly from the ECN aggregation.

The MT4 Pro Software features a variety of report types. Users can now generate the following reports:

  • Profit & Loss: View the development of account balance and equity curves over a specified time period in USD.
  • Winners / Losers: View the amount of trades that closed with a win, loss or break-even amount for a specific period.
  • Performance: View the historical curve of profit or loss of the account as a percentage figure or pip value.
  • Time Analysis: View the average length of closed trades for a given period and frequency of how many trades fall into each of the time categories.

In addition, users have access to additional features from the easy-to-use interface:

One-click execution  Money management calculator
Custom trailing stops  Risk information & optimization
Custom close & reverse  Custom entry/exit options
Bracket orders  Statistical summary
Scale in/out  Condition-based alerts
Depth of Market trading  Custom layout & template
Advanced order panel  Custom trade history