TORA launches new reporting solution

TORA has announced the launch of its new TORA Reporting solution, giving asset managers the ability to see and report on their trading operations anytime, anywhere. TORA Reporting lets users perform calculations on any data source and create reports with clear visualisations and charts. The new solution is integrated into the TORA platform and can be accessed via the web or on a mobile device, giving users an immediate view into their trading operations.

Fund managers and traders can monitor trading activity in real time and conduct TCA to quickly assess trader and broker performance across different venues, algo strategies and other criteria.

TORA Reporting can also be a useful tool in other areas within a fund.  Operations teams can report on matching and settlement performance.  Compliance teams can monitor trade- and portfolio-level compliance violations.  Compliance and technology teams can also manage secure access to TORA Reporting through detailed user access controls and two-factor authentication.

Commenting on TORA Reporting, Robert Dykes, TORA CEO said: “For fund managers to succeed in today’s highly regulated and competitive environment, they need information at their fingertips that will help them run their operations as efficiently and effectively as possible. Because the TORA platform is a single application that includes trading, risk, compliance and post-trade functions, TORA Reporting can provide clients with a holistic view of their operations, as well as the ability to drill deep into any area, helping them make more informed decisions about how to run their business.”