520 European ETFs Rated On Trackinsight


Koris Internationalannounces the launch of the TrackInsightTM ratings for the 520 most significant European ETFs. These ratings are available for professional investors on www.trackinsight.com, an ETF comparison and selection platform.


The rating process applies to historical data, the quality of which was first independently checked by the TrackInsightTM team and is based on performance criteria relating to benchmarks:

Difference of annualised performance (tracking difference),

Volatility of daily excess returns (tracking error),

Long-term persistence of excess returns,

Width of extreme excess returns.

The detailed methodology is available by clicking here.


Moreover, the funds marked out by the best levels of tracking difference and tracking error are highlighted in the ‘TrackInsightTM A-List’. Professional investors now have a simple and robust tool to identify the investment vehicles which best respond to their assigned mission.